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Hi, my name is Katcha. If you are looking for a creative and experienced graphic designer, you are right here!

I was born the year that Billy Idol left "Generation X" to concentrate on his solo career, where Fran├žois Mitterand and Ronald Reagan were elected presidents, and Olympic champion Muhammad Ali ended his boxing career.

At this time I did not care so much, it is only a few years later that I have discovered crayons and even later the Apple computer.

Since 2001, I have been working in graphic design. I worked as a graphic designer in large advertising agencies and smaller graphic design studios, where I gained experience in the field of visual identity, layouts and magazine covers and visualization and creation of advertising campaigns.

Since 2008, I worked as a freelance designer for my own clients and in partnership with agencies or graphic design studios.

I am based in Nice in the French riviera and I can reach you in Monaco, Cannes ... when needed.

graphic design

i...is functionali
Quality graphic design make life easier and increases the value of the brand that communicates. It helps people to orientate better in urban areas, improve interpersonal communication by making it clearer, faster and more effective.

i...increases the value of the labeli
In a market where there are many similar products, presentation becomes a competitive advantage, a sign of professionalism and draws attention to its own work. When the presentation is done with precision, prestige of the company or institution grows and it also increases brand awareness and its related services.  

i...sells morei
The packaging sells. We evaluate the food in the stores based on its packaging design, therefore it is a key factor in the purchase. This means that a well thought out visual style enhances the credibility of the product. This is the visual aspect that convinces the consumer to choose the product and this also applies when choosing a service company.

You probably choose a company that provides a clear information about itself, which image is consistent and professional rather than another one, which can be equally good or even better in the services provided, but whose identity is sloppy because you will tend to think that its products or services are too!


graphic works

that I provide
Complete visual identity:
logo design, logo re-design, and related materials such as: letterhead paper, invoice, business cards, pocket flaps A4, press releases, invitations, e-mail signature ...

Printed publications such as brochures, catalogues, posters, annual reports, product ads, invitations, book covers, CD and LP covers...

Skins and packaging of your products. Design on snowboards / snowboard with your own and unique motive & graphical visualization, graphics for the interior walls in shops, receptions, conference rooms etc.

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